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Knowledge and skills

  • Personalized service,

    the combination of Thai graciousness service with the British butler standard, your “UNIQUE” training course designed by Voravee.

  • Team empowerment,

    strengthen the team work and encourage team members.

  • Time Management,

    the valuable assets “Time” management in work and life.

  • Effective Communication,

    increase level of communication efficiency in organization and team work.

  • Leadership program,

    design to develop all staff levels on their leadership skill for efficient accountability at work and organization.

  • Problem solving,

    shifting the level of “being guest-ready” and “Handling the guest complaint” to beyond guest expectation service.

  • Art of negotiation,

    spontaneous theories & practical techniques for work & life on negotiate.

  • Estate management,

    the property management knowledge.

  • Mixologist,

    the professional bartender knowledge and skills practice. (recommended with creative F&B services)

  • Flower arrangement,

    flower knowledge and creative florist design. Shoe Shine, the gentle care with knowledge for all shoes and leather.

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Knowledge and skills